Dear Diary,

So ensues the endless cycle of emotions that is snail ownership.  Thus far, I’ve thought our two snails, Snailo and Snailee, were dead about three times.  This time I think it’s legitimate.

From day one I had to search the internet for exactly this phrase: “Is my water snail dead?”.  The answer on day one was a relieving, “No”.  However, today is another story for I fear they are indeed dead.  All the information that I gleaned from my day one search revealed the signs and symptoms of snail death, of which both snails are exhibiting at this current time.

As I write this, they are laying limp, half way out of their shells…. this was after searching the fish tank for them.  I found Snailee in the highest inside pocket of our Hawaiian waterfall mountain, and Snailo was found tucked inside the casual beach bungalow.  After using a fluorescent orange Lego sword to get them unstuck from their respective holes, I placed them near the baby carrot that they have not eaten since I plopped it in the tank four days ago.

Alas, the only thing that has proven me wrong is time.  An exercise in patience, of which I have none.



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