Dear Diary,

For some reason I am continually let down when my children snub their noses at our car, and fawn all over the rental cars we seem to possess quarterly.  Their shouts of “Oh, Mommy! Look at this cup holder! It’s so much nicer than our old cup holder!” make my skin crawl, for I’ve done a very poor job at letting them know how blessed they are.

I understand that something “different” may seem “better”, but I’d rather them be grateful for the car we have, and for the rental car that we are blessed to receive while their “old” car is being repaired.


Remember, they are kids….Jennifer


Dear Diary,

Rental car pick-up day is always an exciting day.  Especially when this seems to happen quite frequently.  The last time I had a rental vehicle it was due to a woman reversing in the drive-thru into the front of my car.  This time, it’s from a tree branch falling on the roof of my car.

Alas, Enterprise and I meet again.  As I sat in the passenger seat of Enterprise’s convenient “We’ll pick you up” vehicle and pulled into the rental center, I noticed a very beautiful looking Volvo station wagon not unlike the station wagon that I currently own.  When stepping inside with the ever-so-friendly Enterprise employee, I asked enthusiastically “Can I get THAT one?!”.  To which the employee responded, “Let me take a look at what your insurance will cover”……..after some clickity-clacking on the keyboard she stated, “Yes! They will cover it!”. OH HAPPY DAY!

We go through the process of filling out the forms, checking the vehicle for damage, and handing the keys to me.  I get inside and get acquainted with the vehicle then set out on my journey home.

I’m driving.  It’s going well.  I make a few stops for errands.  I’m driving some more.  I get to around the last 1o or so miles to my house while driving on a two lane highway.  I hear these random beeps.  *beep, beep, beep*……Hmm…..is that someone calling me? I look around at the instrument panel….No, it doesn’t seem to be the phone.  I’ll just continue about my business.  Then it happens again *beep, beep, beep…..beep*…..What in the world?

Hmmm…..I think this thing might be equipped with a lane departure warning….let me just go outside of the lane a little bit and see if it happens again…..Sure enough, *beep, beep, beep*……..

Yes….it is a lane departure warning…and that is how I confirmed the complaints of anyone who has ever driven with me that I am indeed a lousy driver.


Oh, not again….Jennifer