Dearest Minivan,

While I won’t miss your lack of modern conveniences, such as Bluetooth capabilities and a back-up camera, I will miss the large, Shrek-like shadow you cast on the road in front of me as I drove away from the sunrise after dropping my children off at school.

It reminded me that your side view mirrors were exceptionally large for a relatively small minivan, when compared to an Econoline, which your mirrors may have been better suited for.

Mirrors aside, I assumed that your lack of features was due in part to your age. Perhaps, you were a few years old. Perhaps, you’d “been around the block” several times.

However, as I turned in your keys at the Enterprise counter, I glanced at the label on the plastic key fob announcing loudly of the replacement fee should I lose a key, that you were a 2015 model.

Two-thousand fifteen….you once again, have let me down. Yet, you helped me realize that there is indeed a more basic model than the basic model and it is called “Rental Quality”.


Glad to be back in my own vehicle Jennifer

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