Dear Diary,

This is my last day with the rental minivan. I am only saddened by this fact as I feel that I have finally been accepted into the minivan tribe. Mothers drive by and smile at me while I confusingly figure out where the windshield wipers are and how to use them. Instead, I accidentally shine my high beams into their faces. Their smiles could be out of pity or the extreme amount of entertainment they must be experiencing in their “fully loaded” models. Whereas, in a previous entry, I mentioned the supreme lack of what I consider to be modern conveniences that accompany my rental minivan.

While picking up the oldest of two natives and while thinking of myself to be thoroughly proficient in the use of the minivan “features” (bar the windshield wipers), I was quickly humbled by a safety feature. Though, in theory, I understand why the side doors do not open when in the vehicle is in “drive”, I feel that when the brake is being pressed, the doors should open. After all, how am I to tell the natives to “tuck and roll” during drop-off? I digress….

In the midst of my struggle to press the brake and push the side door “open” button, a teacher took pity upon my cries of “I’m so sorry”, “I don’t know why the door isn’t opening”, “It’s a rental”, “I’m still getting used to it” to ever so politely ask, “Is the van in park?”…….I look, “No ma’am, it is not”. “It has to be in park for you to be able to open the door”…..


Slight Confused, but Mostly Frustrated Jennifer

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